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If you suffer from back pain due to spinal disease or injury help is here. Call R&J Medical now at 866-215-5576 or fill out the contact form on the right. Stop your lower back pain from interfering with your quality of life!


Lumbar Traction Belt

The DDS 500 Lumbar Traction Belt is a revolutionary approach in the treatment of lower back due to spinal diseases and injuries. A unique and patented air traction design sets it apart from all other back brace designs..

Easy To Use

DDS500 Lumbar Belt

DDS 500 back brace is thin, lightweight and easy to use; it offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating, treating, as well as preventing back and neck pain.

Direct To Your Home

Direct Home Delivery

Don't suffer another day! Let R & J Medical handle all the Medicare paperwork required to ship a Lumbar Traction Belt direct to you today.

Get your quality of life back!

From the moment you first put it on, our back brace acts to provide traction between the lower part of the rib cage and the upper part of the hip creating weight-bearing forces away from the lower back. By increasing the intervertebral disc space, pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved, eliminating pain and assisting active-rehabilitation.

The unique quality that this lower back brace offers is the use of vertically expandable columns to provide a secure mechanical support as well as spinal decompression for lumbar vertebrae. It effectively reduces lower back and radiating pain.

Don't suffer another day! Let R&J Medical handle all the Medicare paperwork required to direct ship a DDS 500 to your home. We make it easy for you to enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult. Just 1 phone call or our simple contact form will start the process.

DDS 500 is thin, lightweight and offers a high degree of mobility. It can be discreetly worn under clothing allowing you to perform daily activities such as driving, walking and standing for long periods of time, and enabling those with an active lifestyle to work, enjoy sports and other leisure activities pain-free.

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Who should use the DDS 500 Lumber Brace?

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Anyone who has back discomfort, including those with:

The Disc Disease Solutions 500 lower back traction belt is THE MOST VERSATILE BACK BRACE OF ITS KIND! Call R&J Medical Sales at 866-215-5576 right now or fill out the simple 3 line contact form and start loving your life without lower back and radiating pain!